Update on March 26, 2020

Corporations Canada has now advised us today that with snail mail they will be having at the moment a staff person come in and sort the mail twice per week.  So our suggestion still stands that where possible it is better to send in material to Corporations Canada using the Online Filing System, by email or by fax (which is converted to email) but avoid sending snail mail unless you need to.

Original note on March 24, 2020

Corporations Canada has done a remarkable job of maintaining service during the COVID-19 crisis.   If you use the online filing system for the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (“CNCA”) things are very quick  – we filed an incorporation last week that was successfully returned in 6 minutes!  Talk about incorporation as of right!  And just to be clear that was not the express service that costs an extra $100.   Essentially Corporations Canada staff are working hard from home.  So using the online filing system is definitely the best.   Next option is using email. That also works well because it is electronic.  Faxes are also working because Corporations Canada has fax to email so any fax gets converted to email.

What does not work so well right now is regular mail.   So if you want items to be dealt with in a timely way avoid using regular mail or couriers and use the Online Filing Centre or if necessary email or fax.

Here is a link to the Corporations Canada Online Filing Centre

Also a reminder that you can download corporate documents on any CNCA corporation for free.  See our article Corporations Canada has made a giant leap forward in increasing transparency of Federal corporations

As we have discussed before in most cases avoid filing provincially for incorporation – the CNCA is typically a much better option.  ONCA – Why you should not be setting up an Ontario non-profit corporation under the OCA today


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