Last year CRA moved its website from to the super cool   Ok it was not CRA moving their website but they were dragged kicking and screaming to the Government of Canada website.  Giant waste of time and necessitating many non-profit and charitable organizations having to update links etc. Well, I was wondering when CRA was going to tell registered charities that they should update their official donation receipts to reflect the new address.  All official donation receipts are supposed to have certain mandatory information including the “Name and website of the Canada Revenue Agency”.  Well, then I saw it.

It was a tweet from @canrevagency and it read “#CRAcharities: Our website address has changed to …. #Charities and qualified donees must update the website on their official donation receipts.”

Please note the word “must”.   And it came just one day after Valentines Day.  What a downer.   Even more confusing on their “Sample Official Donation Page” which is on the new website website it says “Name and website of the Canada Revenue Agency We recommend using” [my emphasis]  Hoping that CRA will update that page to keep their advice consistent.

Visit the new CRA website or get much more frank and plain language advice on or at  If you really want to keep up with what is going in the Canadian non-profit and charity sector sign up for our free newsletter or attend one of our upcoming programs.