Finance Canada has just posted the Tax Expenditure Reports and Evaluations which has information on estimates and projections of the cost of certain tax deductions and credits including the charitable donation tax credit (personal) and the charitable donation deduction (corporate).

Here is a link to the main page:

Tax Expenditures and Evaluations 2010

Dépenses fiscales et évaluation 2010

The full version in PDF is at

On page 12 it has Personal Income Tax Expenditures for Charitable Donations.  The estimate this year have split out gifts of cultural property, ecologically senstive land etc.

Footnote 2 notes “The presentation of this tax expenditure has changed from last year’s report. Starting this year, the components of the Charitable Donations Tax Credit associated with donations of publicly listed securities, ecologically sensitive land and cultural property are presented separately (see note 3). The estimates and projections presented on this line reflect the Charitable Donations Tax Credit associated with all other donations. The total tax expenditure for the Charitable Donations Tax Credit would take into account all relevant components.” 

Footnote 3 notes: “The total tax expenditure cost of donations of these types of assets has two components: the cost of the Charitable Donations Tax Credit and the revenue forgone from the reduced inclusion rate for capital gains (or the non-taxation of capital gains in the case of gifts of cultural property). Budget 2006 reduced the inclusion rate for capital gains on donations of publicly listed securities and ecologically sensitive land from 25% to zero, effective May 2, 2006. Budget 2007 extended this provision to include donations of eligible securities to private foundations, effective March 19, 2007. The components may not add up to the totals due to rounding.”

On page 20 it deals with Corporate Income Tax Expenditures and cost of donations from corporations.