Plan Canada Presents: 4-day Advanced Training Session in Results-Based Management and Gender Equality
Toronto, Ontario April 6th-9th 2010


Who is the workshop intended for?
Resource mobilization staff, program management staff, Gender advisors, other technical advisors projects including:
“International Development & Canadian Development Practitioners
“Staff from NGO, Not-For-Profit & Private Sectors
“Board members, Senior management, program managers, program officers and evaluation officers
“Students & researchers
“Gender specialists

This workshop is intended to be highly participatory with limited space so register as soon as possible to secure a spot. Registration will close Monday, March 31, 2010. The focus of the workshop will be building capacity of participants to apply tools and concepts to their actual work and to address challenges that they currently face in their day to day work. 

Where and when will the workshop be held?
This workshop will be held in Toronto, Ontario on the week of April 6th-9th 2010 at the Sunnybrook Estates at Bayview & Lawrence. More information will be provided to confirmed attendees. The cost of this training is free!

Who will be facilitating the workshop?
This workshop will be facilitated by Sarah Hendriks, Plan International’s Global Gender Advisor and Ndungu Kahihu Plan’s Regional Advisor for Eastern and Southern Africa.

How is the workshop organized?
The workshop is in two parts.
(a) Results Based Management
(b) Gender Equality Results

What are the objectives of the Workshop?
Objectives of the workshop:

At the end of the workshop, participants will:
(i)Understand the principles of RBM and how to apply them in a community development context
(ii)Understand how RBM is applied within CIDA reporting and measurement frameworks
(iii)Gain useful skills in designing and managing projects using RBM
(iv)Identify other ways that the principles of RBM can be used in your work

(i)Build skills and knowledge that facilitate gender-sensitive and rights-based program development and practice
(ii)Understand and apply key gender equality concepts to our work, including gender mainstreaming.
(iii)Understand and use gender analysis tools to plan and implement projects effectively.
(iv)Understand and identify the interconnections between gender equality and Results-Based Management.
(v)Define gender equality results and gender-sensitive indicators and apply these in the way you analyse, plan and evaluate your work from a gender perspective.
(vi)Reflect on potential risks, challenges or assumptions in forwarding gender equality results, and identify culturally-sensitive mitigation strategies.
(vii)Reflect on the status of gender equality within your own organization. Identify key strategies for mainstreaming gender equality more effectively.
(viii)Develop skills to impart gender equality results training to other people, especially partners.

What is expected from participants after the training?
After receiving this training, it is expected that participants will be able to:
(i)Design potential CIDA project concepts and proposals using the RBM approach
(ii)Manage or support the implementation of CIDA funded projects using the RBM approach
(iii)Design and manage different Gender focused initiatives with a clear application of the principles of results, measurement and gender analysis
(iv)Apply the principles of results, measurement and Gender equality to other aspects of your work
(v)Organize or participate in activities to share these skills with others through training, demonstration, coaching and other support to peers

A comprehensive training manual has been produced for this workshop and every participant will be given a hard copy. Please fill out the registration form attached and send all logistical inquiries to: Siham Rayale of Plan Canada at:


Registration is now open! OCIC’s Ottawa Regional Forum: “Strategies for Cohesion in Engaging Civil Society” –

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