Many US charities are interested in fundraising from Canada.  Canadians donate approximately $13 billion to charity every year.  As well, many US 501(c)(3)s are looking at accessing Canadian Foundation and Canadian federal or provincial government funds.

There are many options for fundraising from Canada – each with their own advantages and disadvantages.  It is helpful, not to mention it can save one lots of money, time and energy, to obtain advice early in the process.  The right approach will depend on factors such as the capabilities of the US organization, the amount of money anticipated to be raised, the type of Canadian supporters that are interested in funding similar work inside or outside of Canada.  From no presence on one hand to having an affiliated Canadian registered charity – there are many options worth considering.

At this website we have lots of resources that may be helpful for US 501(c)(3)s interested in fundraising from Canada. If you would like to retain us for a consultation then please contact us.