Here is an article in the Globe and Mail on the revocation of Charity Intelligence for failure to file their T3010 on time entitled “” About 600 charities fail to file their T3010 every year and lose their status as a result.  It is an important document to file with the CRA.  We understand that Charity Intelligence will be reapplying for charity status and this temporary setback will not affect their ongoing operation.

“Tables turned on Charity Intelligence as charitable status revoked”

Here is an article that I wrote on the importance of spending money on administration in running a charity, which is an increasingly complicated endeavour:
How Much Should A Canadian Charity Spend on Overhead

[update] Here is a recent note from the UK Charity Commission entitled “Charity trustees “too relaxed about legal duties” to file online accounts”
The Charity Commission notes that in the UK many charities even have their filings ready on time, they just don’t send them in.

Also the Toronto Star wrote a piece on this: 
Charity watchdog loses its own charitable status—charity-watchdog-loses-its-own-charitable-status

Here is an article I wrote in 2011 on “Ten Reasons Your Canadian Charity Should File the T3010 Registered Charity Information Return”

Just as an aside while the media was focusing on this rather trivial issue of non-filing no one seems to have picked up the Kossow case which dealt with an abusive charity gifting tax scheme.  In the Kossow case the TCC decided in favour of CRA.  The total amount of receipts issued as part of what CRA terms “abusive charity gifting tax schemes” is about $6 billion (or $3 billion in lost tax revenue).