The Federal government has launched another budget consultation – this one for Budget 2021.   I sure wish there was an option to save time that allows people just to push a button and provide the same budget submission they made previously when there has been no improvement in the area!   There is an online questionnaire that will be available till February 19, 2021.


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Government launches budget consultations to hear from Canadians

On behalf of Finance Canada, we would like to share with you the link to the Government of Canada’s Let’s talk Budget 2021 Pre-Budget Consultations and encourage you and your members to participate.

These discussions allow the government to hear the best ideas from Canadians and experts across the country about how Budget 2021 can support Canadians through the pandemic and help us build back better.

When COVID-19 is under control and Canada’s economy is ready to rebound, the government has a plan to make smart, targeted investments to jumpstart the country’s economic recovery and begin to repair the damage done by the pandemic. These pre-budget consultations are an opportunity for Canadians from across the country to share their ideas and priorities for how the government can best invest to create jobs, strengthen the middle class, and build a greener, more competitive, more inclusive, and more resilient economy.

Over the coming weeks, the Government of Canada will hold virtual roundtables with diverse groups of people from a range of regions, sectors and industries, including those hardest hit by the pandemic. These roundtables are an opportunity to discuss the very real challenges Canadians are facing and listen to ways that the government can ensure a robust recovery that leaves no one behind.

Most importantly, all Canadians are invited to share their ideas through an online questionnaire at, which will be available until February 19, 2021.