CRA is updating their charities and giving links.  So this will become this   I will really miss those long and impossible to remember URLs – ok may be I do actually remember them!  Here is more information from CRA.

Charities and Giving – Web page addresses. As announced on our What’s new page on March 30, 2010, we are in the process of making structural changes to the Charities and Giving Web pages. While the content on the pages will not change, there will be changes to our Web page addresses (URLs) beginning in July, 2010.

However, our most popular URLs below will not be affected by the maintenance work, and they are a convenient way to direct readers to our Web content. If you visit these pages often, you may wish to create “bookmarks” or update your “browser favourites”.

•Charities and Giving landing page:
•Checklists for Charities:
•Charities Listings (Search):
More information will be posted as it becomes available.