The House of Commons Finance Committee has announced the 2015 pre-budget consultations.   Charities interested in making submissions to the Finance Committee should review their recent press release.  Submissions should be dealing with certain themes and no longer than 2,000 words.  They must be submitted by August 7, 2015.  

Here is the press release from the Finance Committee (FINA)

Standing Committee on Finance [House of Commons / Chambre des communes]
Comité permanent des finances

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Ottawa, May 25, 2015 –

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance will hold its 2015 pre-budget consultations from June 5 to August 7, 2015, inclusively.

In launching the pre-budget consultations for this year, James Rajotte, MP for Edmonton-Leduc and Chair of the Committee, said: “The Finance Committee’s annual pre-budget consultations are Parliament’s broadest public consultation. In encouraging the input of Canadians into this important process, the Committee invites interested individuals and groups to make submissions about the key federal budget policies they believe should be adopted for the benefit of our country.”

In 2014, the Standing Committee received 421 submissions in the context of its pre-budget consultations. These submissions are on the Committee’s website.

The themes for the 2015 pre-budget consultations are:

Productivity: What federal actions regarding health, education, tools, technology, the federal public service and supports for the involvement of all Canadians would improve Canada’s rate of productivity?
Infrastructure and communities: What federal actions would ensure that Canada’s communities have the infrastructure they need to support people and businesses, including in work, leisure and getting goods to market?
Jobs: What federal actions would support Canadian residents as they secure employment, adapt their skills to meet the evolving needs of employers, and move to locations where jobs exist?
Taxation: What federal actions in relation to personal and business taxation would result in the desired incentives for work, saving, spending, investment, job creation and other positive outcomes?

To be accepted, submissions must be no more than 2,000 words in length and must be received by the Committee no later than August 7, 2015, at 11:59 p.m. EST. (Submissions received after this deadline will not be accepted.)

On May 12, 2015, the Standing Committee on Finance adopted a motion inviting the Standing Committee on Finance in the 1st Session of the 42nd Parliament to proceed with consideration of the documents received during the 2015 pre-budget consultation in the event that a federal election prevents the current Committee from tabling its pre-budget consultation report pursuant to House of Commons Standing Order 83.1.

Submissions must be sent in electronic format to

– 30 –

For more information, please contact:
Christine Lafrance, Clerk of the Standing Committee on Finance