We know that there are about 19,000 Federal corporations under the Canada Corporations Act that will need to continue under the new CNCA by October 17, 2014.  We are approaching one year since the CNCA was brought in.  Non-profits only have 2 more years to make the transition.  So how many have made the transition?  According to a note from Coleen Kirby at Industry Canada today it is 350 CCA non-profits!  No doubt the pace will improve.  It had better or a large number of Federal non-profit corporations will potentially be dissolved.  We have done a number of Federal continuances and are working on about 25 more.  We are finding it is hard to keep up with the volume.

If you want more information on the CNCA and continuance see https://www.canadiancharitylaw.ca/index.php/blog/category/ccl_new_canada_not-for-profit_corporations_act_federal_corporations/ 

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