In the 2012 Federal Budget the Conservative government announced that it was allocating $8 million for various initiatives related to charities and political activities.   More recently papers have been describing a $13 million budget.   I wondered about the difference and wrote to CRA  to request a clarification.  Here is what I heard back from CRA.

“The CRA was budgeted $13 million over a five-year period, beginning in 2012, to implement all three main measures announced in Budget 2012 – increased transparency/reporting, increased educational activities, and increased compliance activities. The $8 million figure that's occasionally mentioned relates only to the amount budgeted for the first two years (2012-13 and 2013-14), and the rest is ongoing funding. This ongoing funding does not represent a change, and was planned for back in Budget 2012.

The funding announced in Budget 2012 related to charities and political activities breaks down as below (the Charities Directorate only required $6.7 million for the first two years): 

2012/2013 – $4,1 M

2013/2014 – $2,6 M

2014/2015 – $2,6 M

2015/2016 – $2,1 M

2016/2017 – $1,7 M (and on-going)”