The world changed on July 14, 2010.  Well at least all links to the Charities Directorate website changed that day – so if you have an old link in most cases it will take you to a referral page and show you the right web address/URL.

For most of the pages on the Charities Directorate (those relating to registered charities) here is an example of the old address (see TX in the URL):

Here is new address (see CHRTS-GVNG in the URL):

So if you replace the TX with a CHRTS-GVNG you can fix the URL yourself.

Some pages on the Charities Directorate website related to Donors and they are in their own directory:

Here is an example of the old URL:

Here is the new URL:

So you need to get rid of the TX, replace it with chrts-gvng and then remove the directory chrts – hopefully that will work.


Also there are many link checking type software programs or online programs.  My favourite for now is a Free site crawler (desktop application that runs on all Windows versions) You need to download it.  It is important to remember that because many of the CRA old links have pages that provide the revised link therefore the link checking software will not identify the page as a broken link.

I have found that on my web content management system if I search for TX this brings up all the old links.  There are not many words that have tx in them and all the old CRA urls do have TX in them.