Mark Blumberg will be team teaching, with Valerie Campbell and Sharilyn Hale, the Humber Fundraising Management Course “Ethical and Legal Issues”.  It was previously taught by Ken Wyman so we will have big shoes to fill.    

Here is more information on the course:

Course Description:

Charities are increasingly under scrutiny, with high expectations for accountability and transparency. What are a professional fundraiser’s responsibilities in the light of relevant and rapidly changing laws and regulations? What is the role in keeping public trust for the non-profit sector? How does one handle controversial issues? Students will explore the ethical and legal issues relevant to fundraising management in Canada, privacy, donor rights and codes of ethics. Delving into professional conduct will guide you into appropriate actions.

Course Rationale:

Understanding ethical and legal issues that impact charities and professional fundraisers is a foundational topic upon which one can then build impactful ethically-based programs and fundraising activities. Completing this course will assist students with your planning and solicitation courses in Winter and Summer semesters and also help interpret concurrent courses such as Trends, Research and Advocacy.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

1. Argue and justify key ethical issues concerning:

  • the roles and responsibilities of fundraising professionals
  • the codes of ethics of major fundraising associations such as AFP, AHP, CAGP
  • ethical practices, or lack of, of charitable organizations
  • transparency and accountability to multiple stakeholders
  • controversial fundraising methods and donors.

2. Explain key Canadian legal issues relevant to fundraising and volunteer management.