Many Canadian non-profit corporations don't know about the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (“CNCA”) which came into force in 2011 and requires that all existing Canada Corporations Act (CCA) non-profit corporations must transition to the CNCA by October 17, 2014.   Corporations that do not make the transition by the deadline will be assumed to be inactive and will be dissolved by Corporations Canada.  Industry Canada has indicated that the deadline will not be extended and that they will start sending out Notice of Pending Dissolution in October of 2014.  

 In a small effort to remind some of the existing Not-for-Profits, still operating under the old CCA, Industry Canada has added a warning under the heading “Governing Legislation”. These warnings appear on the Federal Corporate Profile reports of the CCA corporations that have yet to make the transition. It is a fairly marginal effort but will hopefully bring attention to those corporations still needing to complete the transition process.   

To check a federal corporation (under either the CCA or CNCA) see:

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