Industry Canada has started the long and arduous process of notifying corporations under the Canada Corporations Act that have NOT continued to the CNCA that they will be dissolved.  Industry Canada has sent notices of pending dissolution to the CCA corporations.  Industry Canada's Monthly Transactions for November include a list of which corporations have received such notices of pending dissolution.

Here is a link to the Industry Canada “Notice of Decision to Dissolve (Failure to Transition) (NFP)

The list of corporations also includes this note from Industry Canada “This is notice under section 222 of the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act that Corporations Canada intends to dissolve the corporations shown on this list. The corporations will be dissolved unless cause to the contrary is provided within the 120 days following the date of the notice that was issued for the corporation.”

Keep in mind that dissolution is not automatic.  If you require legal assistance with the continuance please contact us.