Industry Canada is now providing as part of their ‘Monthly Transactions’ online a list of the Corporations that it intends to dissolve as a result of failing to transition to the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (‘CNCA’). 

The list provides all of the names of the corporations, their corporation number, and the ‘Effective Date’ that the Notice of Decision to Dissolve the corporation was issued to the corporation.  These corporations will be dissolved unless cause to the contrary is provided to Corporations Canada within 120 days following the effective date of the Notice that was issued to the corporation. 

To access this list please visit:

Industry Canada also provides as part of their 'Monthly Transactions' online a list of the Corporations who have received Certificates of Dissolution from Industry Canada under Section 220 or 221 of the CNCA (Voluntary dissolutions by a corporation) and Section 222 of the CNCA (Dissolutions imposed by Industry Canada).