The website assists Canadian individuals, non-profits and charities to conduct foreign activities including international development, humanitarian assistance, and education. provides resources to assist those interested in conducting charitable activities outside of Canada with the the legal, ethical and practical issues that they face. As well provides insights to foreign charities, non-profits and tax exempt organizations interested in fundraising in Canada, whether involved with international development and humanitarian assistance activities outside of Canada or educational or religious activities. has articles on incorporating, organizing and obtaining registered charitable status in Canada, as well as governance, fundraising, legal obligations and ethical standards for Canadian non-profits and charities interested in global philanthropy. was created by Mark Blumberg, a lawyer at Blumberg Segal LLP in Toronto, Ontario.  If you have legal questions about non-profit organizations, charities, tax exempt organizations or the voluntary sector in Canada he can be contacted at or at 416-361-1982 x. 237. To find out more about legal services that Blumbergs provides to Canadian charities and non-profits please visit the Blumbergs’ Non-Profit and Charities page at or