Today at 4 Finance Minister Jim Flaherty delivered a budget which was similar to his last proposed budget with a few tweaks. In March, as well as today, there were about 25 pages of material relating to charities

Here are some notes and comments on the June 6, 2011 Federal Budget and its impact on charities and non-profits.

Also here were the original budget provisions relating to registered charities and other qualified donees which are largely unchanged.

Here is the commentary from the Canadian Council of Christian Churches (CCCC) on the budget.

The CCCC has prepared a “Declaration of Not Being an Ineligible Individual” which charities could use if they wish – there is no additional legal requirement to do background checks created by the budget and there is no requirement to use such a form but certainly from a practical, standards and ethical point of view spending a few minutes checking the background of a member on Google and getting them to sign such a declaration may be a good idea.  Such a form also offloads to some extent the obligation to be up front on the potential person who will be taking on an important role within the organization.