The Vancouver Sun is reporting that North Shore Rescue is suing the Search and Rescue Society of B.C. over allegations that the latter groups has been using the name of the North Shore Rescue to raise money.  It will be interesting to see what happens with the lawsuit.  Here is the article “Charity denies wrongdoing in lawsuit over search-and-rescue fundraising“.  There is also a CBC article entitled “SARBC 'extremely shocked' over North Shore Rescue fundraising lawsuit“.

Here is a copy of the Notice of Civil Claim on the North Shore Rescue website.  Here is also a note from NSR on commencing their lawsuit.  The allegations in the Notice of Civil Claim have not been proven in a court.

Here is further information on the two charities from  North Shore Rescue and Search and Rescue Society of B.C. 

For registered charities the CRA has a guidance on fundraising which provides the CRA's views on what is appropriate fundraising activity for a Canadian registered charity.  We assist Canadian charities in complying with the CRA guidance and in dealing with issues of disclosure and transparency when fundraising.