On March 26, 2015 Mark Blumberg was on The Agenda with Steve Paikin discussing crowdfunding.  Other guests included Marina Glogovac, Caroline Riseboro, Bruce MacDonald, Daryl Hatton and Sabrina Nicosia.  It was entitled “Charity Goes Viral“.  

The description of the program is: “Often, it starts with a tragedy, illness, or fueling an ambition. Then it goes viral, raising thousands of dollars for someone in need or for a particular cause. This is the new world of direct giving. But as we see more personal crowdfunding, questions are raised about why we give, how the funds are distributed and what we expect of the role of community and the state in supporting one another. The Agenda takes a look the state of charitable giving in the age of disruptive technology.”

You can view the program at “Charity Goes Viral”.