We have created a new online course, Should Our Canadian Business Establish a Corporate Foundation?  This course will discuss when it may be advantageous for a Canadian business to launch a corporate foundation. Whether you are a large bank, small construction company or global media company, if you have a strong desire to do corporate social responsibility or have a positive impact in society it may make sense in some cases to have a corporate foundation. Such a corporate foundation could be a non-profit or a registered charity.

Corporations are increasingly concerned with their impact on society and many are establishing corporate foundations. Many corporations are also trying to motivate younger employees or attract customers and having a corporate foundation can be a tool to achieve both. Certainly, the 1950’s concept of a corporation that only cares about maximizing profit is either dead or close to dead.

In this course we will discuss:

  • Should we set up a corporate foundation?
  • General Benefits of Having Another Entity
  • Road Map
  • Issues to Consider
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of a Establishing Foundation as a Registered Charity?
  • Some bad reasons to establish a corporate foundation
  • Biggest Mistakes with Corporate Foundations
  • How to set up a corporate foundation
  • Incorporation and Organization of a Non-Profit Corporation
  • How to Apply for Registered Charity Status in Canada
  • CRA’s Application review process
  • Why Charity Applications Fail according to the Charities Directorate?


This course will be of interest to those working in for-profit companies (including executives or employees running CSR or marketing programs, in-house counsel and board members). It will also be helpful to professional advisors such as lawyers, accountants and governance consultants who advise a corporation on structure and philanthropy. It will be of interest to corporations considering whether to establish a corporate foundation or in some cases to establish a further foundation for a different corporate brand or in some cases whether it still makes sense to maintain the corporate foundation that already exists.

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