Whether I like it or not the involvement of Canadian charities in political activities has become a major issue.  Therefore, I am creating a new blog category on Canadian charities and political activities.  The discussion has been squarely on environmental groups and the oil pipelines.  It is interesting because environmental groups in general actually have very little funding compared to other far better funded charities.  Perhaps some environmentalists wish that all of those funds can be used for political activities but in fact a tiny percentage of their funds of environmental groups receive are spent on political activities.  If you are looking for the big bucks and political activities you are going to have to look elsewhere.  The media in Canada will eventually wake up and follow a more balanced approach.  In fact I will blog further on the US and UK – the big money and scrutiny has been on certain right wing groups using almost all their money on funding political activities – some of which are decidedly partisan.  I guess one could say that a Pandora’s box has been opened and it will be interesting to see where it goes.  It is important that Canadian charities follow the rules – whether environmental groups, “business” think tanks or religious organizations.

Here is a link to that new category: