Starting December 12, 2017, Corporations Canada will allow copies of documents filed under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act  (CNCA) to be purchased online. Copies of the documents can be ordered using Corporations Canada’s Online Filing Centre and orders will be processed within one business day. This will allow those in Federal non-profit organizations that are registered under the Federal CNCA to obtain documents on their organizations even more easily and efficiently than has been the case.  It will also allow those interested in a particular Federal non-profit to obtain the same information.

The fees for copies under the CNCA are:

  • $1.00 per page (uncertified copies); or
  • $35.00 per document (certified copies).

For copies of documents under the old Canada Corporations Act (CCA), a written request to Corporations Canada is required. Requests can be made by:

  • Email     ;
  • Fax                  343-291-3409; or
  • Mail                 Corporations Canada, 235 Queen Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0H5.

The following information should be included in the request:

  • the corporate name and corporation number;
  • the type of copy (certified or uncertified);
  • the type of document (e.g. letters patent, supplementary letters patent);
  • your name and phone number (other contact information is optional);
  • the method of receipt (email, fax or mail); and
  • the fee.

The fees for copies under the CCA are:

  • $1 per document if in excess of 9 documents (uncertified copies); or
  • $10 per document (certified copies).

It is important to note that if you are making a written request by email or mail and intend on paying by credit card, do not include your credit card information on the request to Corporations Canada since they will not accept it. Instead, add a contact name and telephone number since Corporations Canada will call that person to obtain the credit card information.