Corporations Canada of Industry has advised that CNCA and certain other federal corporations may use either a residential address or another address for the address for service of directors of the corporation.  This will allow directors to use a address, other than their own residential address for Industry Canada purposes.

Here is a copy of the notice from Industry Canada:

“September 26, 2012

The Canada Business Corporations Act, the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act and the Canada Cooperatives Act require that a corporation provide the address of its directors to Corporations Canada. Corporations Canada would like to inform you that the requirement regarding the address that should be provided has changed and is effective immediately.
For directors, it will now be possible to provide an address for service other than a residential address. An address for service is an address where legal documents can be delivered, and must be accepted by the director or someone on their behalf, and where an acknowledgement or delivery receipt can be provided, if required. An address for service can be the residential address of the director or a business address.
Forms and other information documents available on Corporations Canada’s website reflect this change. For further information, you may contact our Client Services Centre, by telephone at 1-866-333-5556 or by

Marcie Girouard
Director General
Corporations Canada”