The Charities Directorate has announced that they are largely shut down at the moment.  Many changes or filings can be done online and now may be a good time to checkout CRA’s online offerings.

There are some CRA staff outside of the Charities Directorate still working including the BRO and CRA’s online services (1-800-959-5525), which is used for issues such as setting up a CRA account and if a non-profit or charity cannot link the Corporation’s BN to their MyBA account.   This means we will continue to encourage clients and others (especially if they have extra time on their hands right now) to get on the system.  If you are submitting a charity application it makes far more sense to use CHAMP than to send in a paper application.  If you are filing your T3010 online you don’t need to have a paper form signed and then mailed or couriered in.

Here is information on filing the T3010 online.

Here is information on how to apply online for a charity application.

Here is information on making various changes to your charity.