On November 9, 2015 I will be presenting a program for the Ontario Bar Association, along with Nevena Urosevic, on Top Compliance Issues for Canadian Charities.  It is available both in-person and by webcast.

Here is the blurb and information on registration:

Top Compliance Issues for Canadian Charities
Charity and Not-For-Profit Law |  November 9, 2015  12:00 pm – 1:45 pm

Many lawyers provide legal services to, serve on boards of, or volunteer with, the more than 86,000 registered charities in Canada.

If you are one of those, there are some very important legal requirements for charities that you should be aware of and focused on. Failure to understand some of these requirements can result in professional liability and personal embarrassment.  This program will provide a practical overview of some of the most important issues impacting charities and lawyers who work or volunteer with them, including:

  • Filing mandatory government forms
  • Appropriately issuing official donation receipts
  • Avoiding compensation for directors except in limited circumstances
  • Respecting binding charitable restrictions
  • Acting within your legal objects and how to change those objects
  • Undertaking appropriate political activities
  • Ensuring direction and control of resources spent outside of Canada
  • Fundraising regulation
  • Limits on business activities
  • Corporate law changes that can result in dissolution of your charity

Register now to stay on top of these issues.


Mark Blumberg, Blumberg Segal LLP


Nevena Urosevic, Associate Director, Legal Affairs, Canadian Council of Christian Charities