Once every three years the Ontario Council for International Cooperation (OCIC) organizes its Global Citizens Forum.  It promises to be a great two day conference in Toronto on international development, global citizenship and humanitarian assistance. http://www.ocic.on.ca/Page.asp?IdPage=9241&WebAddress=ocic Here is the 4 page program http://www.ocic.on.ca/PDF/OCIC_Program_V1.pdf It is fast approaching.

For more information contact:

Chryslyn Pais
Sustainability Intern – Policy and Education
Ontario Council for International Cooperation
344 Bloor St. West, Suite 209
Toronto ON M5S 3A7
T: 416.972.6303 / F: 416.972.6996
www.ocic.on.ca / intern@ocic.on.ca
twitter: @ocictweets | facebook: bit.ly/OCICfb | youtube: ocicvideo

To register for the OCIC GCF! Visit:

Here is a copy of the program for the OCIC Global Citizens Forum: