At this point in time, we are recommending that all charities sign up for CRA’s MyBA system, as it allows organizations to submit T3010 filings and to complete other transactions or make changes with CRA via this online tool. This tool is not just for businesses and has proven to be useful for non-profits and charities as well.

The COVID-19 crisis has caused repercussions and probably the biggest is the loss of jobs or reduction of paid work by many. The Government of Canada is providing financial support in the form of wage subsidies to employers including non-profits and charities, to ensure that employers will be able to continue to retain employees or rehire their employees once this crisis is over; and the Canada Emergency Response Benefit to assist those who are out of work or are no longer employed as a result of this crisis.

However, in order for non-profits and charities to apply and receive these benefits they need to be on the MyBA System.

Here is a note from the Federal Government:

How to Apply

Eligible employers would be able to apply for the CEWS through the Canada Revenue Agency’s My Business Account portal as well as a web-based application. Employers would have to keep records demonstrating their reduction in arm’s-length revenues and remuneration paid to employees. More details about the application process will be made available shortly.


For those who are interested, we are doing a free webinar on the MyBA system for charities. You can find out more or register at  Webinar on CRA’s CHAMP system for registered charities