If you have submitted an online charity application using CRA’s Digital Services for Registered Charities, you may have received or may still receive a letter saying that your application is incomplete because they never received your organization’s corporate documents. This is in spite of the fact that the corporate documents are a required attachment to the application and that you most certainly triple checked your application for completeness before submitting. It appears to be a glitch in CRA’s system that many applications are not going through with the Corporate Documents attachment. CRA is aware of the issue and is looking into fixing this.

We have noticed on the summary page for the charity applications for which this is happening, there is no document listed under the Incorporation Documents slot in the attachments. If you notice this on your charity application summary page, you may want to try preempting CRA’s letter by re-submitting the corporate documents via the “Submit Documents” function in your online account.

Hopefully this issue will be sorted out soon.