We have created two new online courses for those outside of Toronto who are not able to easily attend our programs.  They might also be helpful to those in Toronto who cannot wait for our next session as they sometimes only occur annually.  Online courses are never going to be the same as in-person courses but for many they are far easier to access and more convenient.  You can do an online course at your pace and redo sections if you wish.

Here is more information below on both courses:

Should We Establish a Canadian Social Enterprise, Non-Profit or Charity and How to Do It?

The course is $149. Register Now.

Establishing a non-profit with or without charitable status is a difficult decision with significant responsibilities. This presentation will discuss:

  • The differences between non-profit and charity
  • Issues to consider when exploring charitable registration
  • Should we set up a non-profit or charity or rather join another non-profit or charity?
  • How to set-up a non-profit or charity
  • How to apply for charitable status
  • Common mistakes made in applying for charitable status
  • Why many organizations would be better off not applying for charitable status

Receipting for Canadian Registered Charities

The course is $225.  Register now

Topics covered include:

  • When are charities allowed to issue official donation receipts? (“tax receipts”)
  • Why are receipts so important
  • What are the top Canadian registered charity receipting mistakes
  • Review of information required on an official charitable tax receipt
  • CRA’s sample official donation receipts
  • What is a gift under the Income Tax Act (Canada)?
  • Is the donation a gift?
  • Is there an obligation to issue receipts?
  • Who is the donor?
  • What is split receipting and how does it affect galas, golf and other fundraisers?
  • How do you correct or replace official donation receipts?
  • Can you issue a receipt for a gift certificate?
  • Can you return a gift?
  • Are funds given by a business considered a gift or a sponsorship?
  • Can you provide receipts for donors to third-party fundraising events?
  • Use of computer generated and e-mail receipts
  • Is it appropriate to receipt for expenses of volunteers who travel abroad?
  • Problems, abuses and consequences of improper receipts
  • What is a gift in kind?
  • What is fair market value of a gift and how to determine fair market value?
  • What is “deemed” fair market value and how will it change the amount of the eligible amount of the gift?
  • Receipting of gift in kind donations and special issues with gifts in kind
  • When do you need to appraise gifts in kind?
  • Can you receipt for donors of items to an auction?
  • Can you receipt a successful bidder at an auction?
  • What are some best practices for gifts in kind donations?

If you don’t feel like taking a course but are interested in retaining our law firm for a consultation to discuss establishing a non-profit or registered charity then please contact us.