CRA has recently announced that starting in late 2018, registered charities will be able to file their annual Form T3010, Registered Charity Information Return online through the Canada Revenue Agency’s My Business Account (MyBA). Currently the T3010 form must be printed and then mailed into CRA, so we hope that the online filing option will make the annual filing process easier for Canadian registered charities.   

Charities will have the option to sign up ahead of time for the MyBA account at CRA has indicated that they will be providing more information with respect to the onling T3010 filing soon and this will be available at:

Now is the time for Canadian charities to take stock of their practices relating to the T3010 including how do you collect information for the T3010, who prepares and reviews the T3010 and whether the board of directors and legal counsel are provided a copy for review before filing.  The T3010 is an important form and charities are increasingly putting in effort to make sure that it is both filed on time but also accurately.  We assist many Canadian charities with transparency issues including issues relating to the T3010 and you might find our portal helpful when you are researching charities.