We checked with the Ontario Government today.   The Companies Branch is still providing over-the-counter service and checking their mail.  However, they advised that this could change and they suggested that anyone who may come to their office should call beforehand.


The Ontario government was backlogged before COVID.   Many applications or filings were taking about 3 months, which was an improvement over about a year ago when it was much longer.


If an Ontario charity (even if it is a registered charity) needs to make certain changes it may require the approval of the Ontario Public Guardian and Trustee which typically added a few weeks as well to the process if there were no concerns.


Here are the standard service times for the Ontario government that are publicly available but as discussed above it is taking longer than this.



Corporations Act: not-for-profit service times and fees

ServiceIn-personMailApproved service provider
Incorporation, Amalgamation or Continuationnot available35 business days – $155not available
Expedited Letters Patent (Incorporation only)not available7 business days – $255not available
Supplementary Letters Patentnot available35 business days – $130not available
Surrender of Charternot available35 business days – $0not available
RevivalImmediate – $10015 business days – $100not available
Corrected Letters Patent or Corrected Supplementary Letters Patentnot available4-6 weeks – $155not available



The above times does not include the Ontario Public Guardian and Trustee (PGT) processing times.

We contacted the PGT today and they advised that they are still operating and that the PGT’s processing time is typically one month and the Ministry’s processing time is 2 months (so 3 months total).  There is a slight delay in PGT’s processing times because of the COVID-19 outbreak (some staff trying to work from home, staff size is down, etc).  So perhaps assume a turn around for documents requiring both PGT and Company branch approval would take 3-4 months.