The budget had a number of interesting proposals – perhaps my favourite was improving the pay of personal support workers (PSW).  Many who even wanted an election liked some of the aspects of the budget and hopefully one day some of the proposals can be revisited.  Some of the candidates views are night and day and I will let other hypothesize of the impact of different governments on society and the economy.   

From the legal compliance point of view having an election will mean further delays with the implementation of ONCA.   Passed in 2010, massively hyped and talked about ever since, this piece of Ontario corporate legislation will be further delayed as the election will mean that Bill 85 which implements numerous changes to various pieces of legislation will die on the order paper and need to start over after the election.  This delay will mean further anxiety and wasted time on the part of the over 50,000 Ontario non-profits and charities.   Mid-2015 is looking possible for ONCA coming into force.  Perhaps 2016.  Very disappointing but indicative of the low priority that non-profit governance and capacity building get in Ontario and for that matter the rest of Canada.      If you have governance changes that you want to bring in to your Ontario corporation, but don't want to have to make further changes later, some will be looking more closely at moving to federal jurisdiction with the new CNCA.  

The Ontario non-profit and charity sector is very important.   Just some facts on the registered charity part:

  • 30,092 registered charities in Ontario
  • $86 billion in total revenue for Ontario charities and total expenditures of $84 billion.
  • 669,368 full time employees and 612,482 part-time employees
  • $46 Billion was spent by Ontario charities on salaries and other compensation expenditures

The one thing I will be watching for in the election campaign is whether there are any useful proposals that relate to the sector.