Here is an announcement from the Ontario about developing a “comprehensive and long term strategic action plan for its partnership with the not-for-profit sector”.

Building A Strong Partnership With The Not-for-profit Sector
April 22, 2010
McGuinty Government Making It Easier For Not-For-Profits To Help Ontarians
Ontario is working with the not-for-profit sector to better support organizations that help Ontarians maintain a high quality of life.  The province will develop a comprehensive and long term strategic action plan for its partnership with the not-for-profit sector. 
This initiative will be a first-of-a-kind approach for Ontario and will lead to recommendations to support the not-for-profit sector. In collaboration with the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the government will conduct a series of discussions with the not-for profit, private and public sectors on how to make government more responsive to not-for-profit and volunteer organizations. This will help inform new ways to strengthen the sector, as part of the province’s five-year Open Ontario plan.
Led by Ontario Citizenship and Immigration Minister Dr. Eric Hoskins and Ontario Trillium Foundation Chair Helen Burstyn, the province-wide discussions will include:
• Reviewing the structural and legislative framework within which Ontario’s not-for-profit sector operates.
• Exploring how to better coordinate the government’s approach to the sector.
• Researching models of government-not-for-profit sector partnerships in other jurisdictions.
A report outlining the research results and offering concrete recommendations will be completed in Winter 2010.
“Ontario’s not-for-profit sector is an essential partner to government and a major social and economic force in the province. This initiative is an opportunity to review and improve our policies and practices for the benefit of the sector, and all Ontarians.”
– The Honourable Dr. Eric Hoskins
Minister of Citizenship and Immigration
“The Ontario Trillium Foundation has a 28-year history of partnering with and championing the work of the voluntary and not-for-profit organizations in building healthy, vibrant communities. The initiative being launched today is significant because it is government-wide effort that will result in a more comprehensive, more coordinated relationship between the public sector and the not-for-profit sector in this province.”
– Helen Burstyn
Ontario Trillium Foundation Board Chair
• The Not-For-Profit sector includes over 45,000 organizations and employs 1 million people in Ontario.
• The sector contributes about $47 billion in combined revenue to the economy, representing over 7.1% of GDP – greater than the auto and construction industries combined.
• For every $10 invested in not-for-profit organizations, an additional $20 is generated in donations and volunteer resources.
• The Ontario Trillium Foundation disbursed more than $108 million to charities and other not-for-profit sector organizations in 2009-10.
• The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration has launched 70 projects to build the capacity of not-for-profit organizations and supports efforts to attract volunteers, address risks and encourage social innovation.
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