The Ontario government has released a report “Profile of Ontario Not-for-Profit and Charitable Organizations” based on some telephone and internet polling.

One question on page 64 was interesting.  “What should be the provincial government’s top two priorities when it comes to the not-for-profit sector?” I bet it is regulatory and legal compliance.  Please let it be legal compliance.  Well what is the answer.  Provide More Assistance With 1) The Funding Process (44%),  2) Support Capacity Building (37%),  3) Build More Public Awareness and Support For The Sector (31%),  4) Broker Relationships With The Business Sector (16%),  5) Encourage Partnerships (14%),  6) Communicate Better With The Sector (11%),  7) Share Best Practices (11%),  8) Foster Shared Services (7%),  9) Provide Financial Support/Tax Incentives/Reduce Overhead (2%)  10) Decrease Regulatory Burden (2%).  Ok so maybe ‘more help with the funding process’ and ‘supporting capacity building’ are more important! 

Here is a note from the Minister:

“Dear Friends,

Ontario has a long history of working together with our not-for-profit sector to deliver important public services that contribute to building stronger and more economically vibrant communities across the province.
In 2010, when the government launched the Partnership Project we did so knowing the sector’s importance.  However, it became apparent that information available on the size, scope and socio-economic contribution of the sector was out of date.  You may be familiar with the phrase “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.”  That’s why we committed to undertaking comprehensive research to provide an up-to-date statistical analysis of the impact of Ontario’s not-for-profit sector.

Today, at the Ontario Nonprofit Network Conference in Toronto, I released Volume I of The State of the Sector Report.  For big picture thinkers like yourselves, this new research sheds light on where your organization fits in, as well as on how diverse Ontario’s not-for-profit sector is in size, mission and ability to access resources.  To view this research, please visit

We know that many sector leaders are focused on the mission of their agencies and the needs of the communities they serve—and rightfully so.  This new research is a snapshot that will help our government envision and understand just how vital this sector is to Ontario and how it is so much more than the sum of its individual parts.  This research will allow the government and the sector to take collaboration and co-operation to a new level.  It is an exceedingly valuable portrait of a sector helping people in communities right across Ontario.

I encourage you to share this research with your colleagues using social media and by forwarding this email. 

I salute and thank the cooperation of the many organizations across the province that helped to make this research possible.


Michael Coteau
Minister of Citizenship and Immigration”

The report is located at: