We have written about 2 recent notices from the Ontario Public Guardian and Trustee (“PGT”) relating to restricted funds and the pandemic.  These are Ontario PGT has issued a “Statement on Accessing Restricted Purpose Trust Funds Prior to Obtaining a Court Order During the COVID19 Pandemic” and Ontario PGT provides additional guidance on restricted gifts and COVID-19.  The PGT circulated a note today with some thoughts about what is and what isn’t a  ‘pandemic-related program’.


Here is the information from the PGT:


The PGT would consider programs to be ‘pandemic-related’ if they respond to conditions caused, or exacerbated, by the pandemic.  Examples include: assisting or providing food banks; the provision or delivery of meals/groceries; providing medical supplies and equipment; providing financial assistance to the unemployed or under-employed; assisting health care providers or providing health services (both mental and physical).     Please contact counsel at the PGT at Cynthia.spencer@ontario.ca or dana.desante@ontario.ca if you have any questions.