In the past we posted the revocation letters from the Canada Revenue Agency to various registered charities in the Vancouver area including the Prescient Foundation (and also Essential Grace Foundation, Malachi_3_10_Foundation, and The Gateway Benevolent Society).  A number of law firms have written some short notes about the Prescient Foundation decision of the Federal Court of Appeal.  Here are some additional documents relating to the case.

Here is the decision of the Federal Court of Appeal:

Here are some of the many documents filed in the Prescient Foundation matter with the court:

Audit of Prescient Foundation dated January 21, 2009
Audit of Prescient Foundation for the Fiscal Year Ending 2005 and 2006
CRA Auditor Memo Vision Poultry Transactions
CRA letter re Audit of Prescient Foundation dated March 18, 2010
Letter from CRA re 2005 Income Tax Return dated March 27, 2009
Letter from CRA re 2006 Corporate Tax Return dated April 6, 2009
Letter to Prescient Foundation from CRA – Response to Query Letter dated May 10, 2010
Notice of Intention to Revoke Prescient Foundation dated December 23, 2010

Here are the original CRA letters to the 4 different charities:

Essential Grace Foundation
The Gateway Benevolent Society
Prescient Foundation

One of the parties in the transaction had launched a claim against others involved in the transaction.  We don’t know the status of the matter and we don’t think that the claim has made it to trial.  The claim sets out other allegations relating to the transaction none of which have been proven in court: