Revenu Quebec has provided an English translation of the Non-Profit Corporations Guide to Filing the Information and Income Tax Return 2017.   This guide will help you complete the CO-17.SP, Déclaration de revenus et de renseignements des sociétés sans but lucratif.

As Revenu Quebec notes:

Form CO-17.SP must be completed by non-profit corporations. A non-profit corporation is a corporation exempt from income tax and tax on capital for any period during which it met the following requirements:

  • it is established and operated exclusively for non-profit purposes
  • it is not a charity
  • no portion of the corporation's income is paid or is otherwise made available for the personal benefit of an owner, a member (whether the member is an individual or a corporation) or a shareholder, unless the owner, member or shareholder is a club or an association whose main activity is to promote amateur sport in Canada

Here is a link to the Revenu Quebec page with the actual forms for filing.