In an invitation only event Blumbergs will have one of Israel’s top non-profit lawyers, Ophir Katz, of Ophir Katz & Co. Law offices, talking about the Israeli non-profit sector and the regulation of non-profits in Israel. Non-profits play a very important role in Israel. Canadian charities spend approximately $275 million in grants and programming in Israel and it is important that they understand the regulatory climate in Israel and the constraints and flexibility placed on various types of non-profits established and operating in Israel.

Ophir Katz & Co. Law offices is one of the leading firms in Israel in the provision of legal services and advice to not-for-profit institutions, public institutions and higher education institutes. Adv. Ophir Katz, the senior partner and founder of Ophir Katz & Co. Law offices, specializes in the laws of associations and not-for-profit institutions. Ophir Katz wrote the book “The Associations Law in Practice”, is a permanent participant in all of the professional committees and the leading forums in Israel (academic and other) concerning the laws of not-for-profit institutions in general and associations specifically, lectures a (mandatory) course on “laws of not-for-profit institutions” in the framework of the MA program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is active, personally, in various social change organizations.