Over the last 20 years CRA has revoked a number of charities for ostensibly being involved in partisan political activities, or exceeding the 10% of resources on political activities, or for having an unstated political purpose.  In light of all the interest in charities and political activities we thought that it would be a good idea to provide a list of CRA letters that I am aware of relating to those revocations.  For those who are interested in the issue of charities and political activities these are important documents.   

Human Life International in Canada Inc. [1994 – Political activities]

Greenpeace Canada Charitable Foundation  [1994 – gifts to non-qualified donees, lack of direction and control over funds provided to another organization, loans to a non-qualified donee, excessive political activities, disbursement quota, issuance of receipts when significant advantage received]

Alliance for Life [1995 – political activities]

Babbar Khalsa Society  [1996 – discussion of objects that were political prior to registration, books and records, disbursement quota, receipting, lack of internal controls, failure to disclose information during audit, political activities]

The Golden Horse-Shoe Christian Youth Centre Inc. [1996 – Political activities, Partisan activities]

College Rabbinique de Montreal Oir Hachaim D'Tash [1997 – Devotion of resources, objects of charity, $20 million loan to non-qualified donees, books and records, partisan political activities, disbursement quota, official donation receipts, amalgamation]

The Ken Campbell Evangelistic Association [2006 – Political activities, Partisan activities]

Physicians for Global Survival (Canada)  [2012 – acting outside objects, unstated political purposes of promoting nuclear disarmament, gifts to non-qualified donees]

You can see more revocation letters at: tinyurl.com/blumberg-revocletters and tinyurl.com/blumberg-revocletters2