Have you ever had trouble finding information on the CRA’s website relating to charities?  Well the site has really improved over the last couple of years and is a lot more user friendly.  However, here is a suggestion if you are looking for a document on the CRA website.  Go to google and if you are are looking for information on disbursement quota type in the following:
disbursement quota site:cra-arc.gc.ca/chrts-gvng/chrts/

That will search the charity directorate website in English for documents that have the words disbursement and quota – if you want the phrase “disbursement quota” try putting it all in quotation marks “disbursement quota”.  Now I must admit that finding documents on disbursement quota is not going to help you actually understand anything about it – for that you need to speak to Elena Hoffstein!  Unfortunately there is only so much that CRA and its webmaster can do – the rest is in the hands of Finance.