On May 14, 2014, Alberta's Bill 12 – Statutes Amendment Act, 2014 received Royal Assent (it has not yet come into force). The Alberta Societies Act  which governs many not-for-profit corporations in Alberta is one of the statutes that was amended as a result of the Bill. There has been a significant amendment to the Societies Act which allows for not-for-profit organizations incorporated in Alberta to continue to other jurisdictions (such as the Federal Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (CNCA)) and allows for those not-for-profit organizations incorporated in other jurisdictions to continue in Alberta.

To see a copy of Bill 12 click on this link.

Some Alberta societies will find that this proposed change is very helpful.  It will allow them to become Federal CNCA corporations if they wish.  The CNCA provides a modern Canadian framework for a non-profit corporation.  If there are a number of organizations working together and they wish to operate under the same corporate statute this will be helpful and allow for greater corporate consistency.