Here are some comments from attendees to my recent presentations on receipting.

The Dos and Don’ts of Charitable Receipting

“I learned a lot of great info that i didn’t know before.”
“Extremely knowledgeable and humorous presenter”
“Enjoyed responses to questions and that Mark used a lot of examples. Thank you for offering this session
“Very good speaker!”
“Very helpful, learned a lot”
“Loved the examples given and the thorough nature in which generally-relevant topics were covered.”
“Very informative, Mark was very thorough”
“Mark was thorough and had great examples. Every question was well explained.”
“Excellent speaker”
“Excellent session. kept me interested even though dry topic”
“New to charity sector and learned a lot of useful info”
“Mark presented information in a way that i really understood”
“Great at staying focused and on track. Good examples and sense of humour”
“Mark is easy to listen to and obviously very knowledgeable”
“Very informative, well spoken and extremely knowledgeable of topic”
“Great Q& A session”
“Mark was very engaging, answered all of our questions. He made the material easy to understand.”
“Excellent presentation “
“Well done!”
“Good detail! Clarifies a number of issues around fair market value and GIK.”
“Mark is a very good speaker”
“The speaker was fantastic, quick on his feet with responses, provided great examples. Well done.”

Understanding CRA’s Fundraising Guidance

“Very well presented, informative and interesting. Good guidance.”
“Exellent session and slides”
“Excellent session”
“Mark was clear and concise.”
“There was a lot of information some of which was quite complicated. Mark was very competent explaining the details.”
“Very engaging speaker.”
“Good presentation, much less dry than expected.”
“Mark provided practical information mixed with Exercises which are very helpful. Enjoyed the humor as well.”
“Great, clear and concise overview.”
“Made a dry subject interesting enought that i learned a lot.”
“Good delivery of info, very knowledgeable.”
“Great presenter, very knowledgeable about the issues and the sector.”
“Lots of good information and it was delivered in a way that was easy to understand.”
“Lot of information to cover in short period. Excellent links and references for follow-up”
“Excellent info+delivery+participation”
“Thank you so much for this opportunity. I really apreciate listening to Mark who is an expert.”
“Great presenter! Made a complicated stuff easy to follow”
“Great stuff; excellent presenter”
“Information was presented in an easy to understand way. Questions were addressed with knowledgeable answeres. Examples were provided to explain difficult concepts.”
“Very good, lots of useful information on changes and important issues”
“Being new to fundraising, I found all information very beneficial to increase my depth of knowledge”
“Great venue; informative and engaging speaker”
“Well framed – focusing on key issues. Related to document with appropriate emphasis and examples of a practical nature”
“Size of the group is perfect and Mark is a very good communicator with user-friendly language.”