Here are some recent revocation letters from CRA in which the Charities Directorate explains why they revoked certain charities for cause.

The Canadian Quadraplegic Association

Bette’s Single Family & Senior Food Bank.  CRA noted “The Canad~ Revenue Agency’s (CRA) audit has revealed that the Organization is not complying with the requirements set out in the Income Tax Act. In particular, it was found that the Organization failed to devote all of its resources to charitable purposes and charitable activities, conferred an unacceptable or undue private benefit, failed to meet its disbursement quota requirement, failed to maintain adequate books and records, issued receipts not in accordance with the Act and/or its Regulations, and made errors on form T3010, Registered Charity Information Return.

Satnam Trust.pdf  CRA noted that Satnam Trust “failed to maintain adequate books and records; provided funding to non-qualified donees outside Canada; and issued donation receipts not in accordance with the Act.”