In the Statistics Canada “Canadian Survey on Business Conditions, third quarter 2021” it has some interesting comments relating to non-profits.  Stats Can notes that “This survey collects information on business expectations in the future and the ongoing impact of the pandemic on businesses in Canada.”  Here are the comments relating to non-profits:

Non-profit organizations

Nearly four-fifths (77.8%) of non-profit organizations expected to retain the same number of employees over the next three months, while 14.5% expected to increase their number of employees. Three-fifths (60.5%) of non-profit organizations expected their operating income to stay about the same over the next three months, while 15.7% expected their operating income to increase. Nearly three-fifths (58.8%) of non-profit organizations expected their operating expenses to stay about the same, while nearly one-quarter (24.8%) expected operating expenses to increase over the next three months.

The most common obstacles non-profit organizations expected to face over the next three months were recruiting skilled employees (35.4%) and retaining skilled employees (25.3%). Nevertheless, the majority of non-profit organizations (89.7%) were optimistic about the future outlook for their organization over the next 12 months.


This is a very different picture than we are sometimes led to believe by some umbrella organizations.   It seems that the NPO outlook is better than that of businesses.