Statistics Canada has released a report entitled “Caring Canadians, Involved Canadians”  based on the 2010 Canada Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating (CSGVP).  Statscan will be releasing further reports on the data. 

Here are the main points from StatsCan:

“Summary of Main Findings

The vast majority of Canadians1 provided either time or money to charitable and non-profit organizations in 2010. The total amount of money they donated and the total number of hours they volunteered has remained stable since 2007.

Nearly 24 million people or 84% of the population aged 15 and over, made a financial donation to a charitable or non-profit organization, for a total amount of $10.6 billion. Both the percentage of the population donating and the amount of the donations were relatively unchanged from 2007.

At the same time, more than 13.3 million people, or 47% of the population, volunteered their time through a group or organization.

Canadians volunteered nearly 2.1 billion hours in 2010, the equivalent of close to 1.1 million full-time jobs2. The total number of hours remains relatively unchanged from 2007. The hours volunteered for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics represent approximately 0.7% of this total.”

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