[UPDATE – CRA no longer accepts the T2050 form.  If you send it in it will be returned to you.  You can apply online for a charity application at Apply to become a registered charity. As of March 2021, in a recent discussion with the Determinations section we learned that 95% of applications are being done online.  If for some reason you cannot apply online you can request a paper application form from CRA. Just be warned that paper applications will take considerably longer to process and CRA is encouraging groups to use the online system.  Many applicants do not understand that this is not like applying for an HST number or a fishing licence – a charity application is a significant process and CRA will require a large amount of information and being a registered charity results in a large number of compliance requirements for your organization.  We have a directory of resources relating to charity applications.  You also may find our online course Should We Establish a Canadian Social Enterprise, Non-Profit or Charity and How to Do It? and our article Top 68 CRA Reasons for Denying your Canadian Registered Charity Application” to be helpful to even understand whether it makes sense to apply for charity status.  We assist many organizations every year with this process and contact us if you would like to retain our law firm.


The CRA has updated their T2050 – Application to Register a Charity Under the Income Tax Act (CRA).  The changes appear to reflect the updated URLs for the CRA documents at the Canada.ca website. As of November 2018 all CRA charity applications will need to be done online using the CRA CHAMP system.

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