As we have discussed extensively, as a result of COVID the CRA has extended the deadline for filing the T3010s that were or will be due from March 18, 2020 till December 31, 2020 to a deadline for this year of December 31, 2020.

For many charities this meant an extension of over 8 months.  Many charities did not need that amount of time and thankfully as we discussed before many have filed already.

For those who have not filed you have about a month to do so.   We are frequently reviewing T3010s and if you are a significant operation or if you have not had your T3010 reviewed by a lawyer who is familiar with charity regulation and the form then it can be a very prudent investment to have the form reviewed.  It is much easier to file correctly, rather than try to correct the form later or even worse trying to explain to a journalist why your T3010 had incorrect information in it.

Many charities are now using the new CRA digital services to file their T3010.  This is not required but with COVID it makes a lot of sense and sometimes is a lot easier to use the online system rather than mailing in the form. If your charity is not on the digital system you have very little time to sign up and authorize the necessary people before the end of the year.

So make sure any filing is both accurate and provided before December 31, 2020.