On Sunday January 29, 2017 there was a terrible tragedy in Quebec City. A right-wing terrorist massacred six people praying at the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec and injured almost 20 others.  This is the worst terrorist attack in Canada in over 25 years.

It's hard to know what to say but here are a few initial observations.  There will be various charities and others providing assistance to the families of those who have died or been injured.  The needs will become more apparent over the next few weeks.  

There will be greater emphasis on physical security of religious institutions in Canada.  The Canadian government has a program to pay for certain security upgrades at religious institutions.   

​Canadian charities need to be vigilant to deal with what is an important problem.  This may not be relevant to this particular terrorist attack but the CRA has provided a short checklist for charities on how to avoid terrorist abuse. It is worth reading as it provides some useful ideas about reducing the risk to a charity, whether from terrorism or other causes.