In August 2016 we launched a website to improve transparency on Canadian registered charities.  It is at  We have just made a number of improvements to the website.

Here are some of the improvements:

1) We have added more ways to filter Canadian charities.  You can now do it in about 23 different ways.   Check out Advanced Charity Search.  some of the filters include the following:

  • Relevance (relevance)
  • Legal name (legalName)>
  • Total assets (4200)
  • Total liabilities (4350)
  • Total revenue (4700)
  • Total expenditures (5100)
  • Receipted donations (4500)
  • Total amount of tax-receipted gifts-in-kind (580)
  • Revenue from sale of goods and services (4640)
  • Total revenue received from federal government (4540)
  • Total revenue received from provincial/territorial governments (4550)
  • Total revenue received from municipal/regional governments (4560)>
  • Total expenditures on charitable activities (5000)
  • Total expenditures on management and administration (5010)
  • Total expenditures on fundraising (5020)>
  • Total expenditures on political activities, inside or outside Canada (5030)
  • Total other expenditures (5040)
  • Total Employment Expenditures(390)
  • Total Expenditures Outside of Canada/Foreign Activities(200)

You can also filter by name, charity type, province and city.

2) We have also imported all the 2015 T3010 information and even some 2016 information.   The 2016 information will probably be complete around the end of 2017 and we will try to import it then.

3) We have updated the 2014 information to the latest information from CRA.  We generally will not be updating past years because of the cost but we did it with 2014.

4) Some had asked for an ability to search by BN number as well and we have added that to assist with certain hard to find charities.

5) In total for some charities, that have been around for enough time, we now have up to 13 years information easily accessible on all Canadian registered charities.

Hopefully, will be a reminder of the importance of the T3010 information.  Not only should you file it on time (within 6 months of your fiscal year end) but you should try and be as accurate as possible.  If you found the website helpful we only ask that you link to it from your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

Even though provides lots of useful information on the charities the best transparency tool is still Google.  By looking at, reading carefully the websites of charities and if necessary discussing issues with the charities themselves one can have a better idea as to the work of Canadian charities and which Canadian charities may deserve your support, whether financial or otherwise.

Comparison of the CRA’s Charities Listing and Blumbergs’ Charity Data